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Jim teachingI consider myself very lucky to be one of those people who enjoy teaching. I have supported myself, in whole or in part, by teaching for most of my adult life.

   One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge of the piano with others, both children and adults. Other than a minimum age of seven years, I place no requirements on people who wish to study with me, only that they have the desire to learn. I tailor my instruction to the desires and experience of the student.

   I am not at all a well-rounded teacher, but I do teach the basics of reading, theory, and technique. I am most useful in teaching the styles that I specialize in playing, including boogie, jazz, and pop. I teach ear training and arranging harmonies through the use of chord charts. I have helped some students learn to accompany themselves singing, and have assisted others in realizing their own compositions.

   If you are interested in having me as a piano teacher, please send me an email. We’ll see what we can work out.