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I love playing solo piano. There is a freedom about it that is transcendent: just me and the music. My taste is varied, and I can jump from a boogie woogie piece to a ballad I’ve composed myself to an old show tune gussied up in my own style. I have been known to create improvised pieces on the spot. I prefer a real piano to an electric one, but I am not above playing an electric.

I sometimes will add my voice to a solo performance. I have written many songs over my long years, and I do enjoy covering material by Bob Dylan and Tom Waits, for example.

Here's a home recording of a song I recently wrote. It's called Nothing But Time, and Julia Roupp is singing with me.

JIm and Julia

I have worked with Julia, vocalist and conga player, since 1994. Our repertoire consists of popular music and jazz standards from the nineteen thirties through the present day, and includes some of my original songs. Julia has performed in dinner theater and with a touring group called Young Americans before moving to Ashland. She is also fond of dogs. We are known for our vocal harmonies, and her percussive support of my piano gives me freedom to try things I wouldn’t attempt without her. Click here for a bit more and a performance link.


The name stands for Quinby and Addicott, and marks my long relationship with bassist and vocalist Jeffrey Addicott. Jeff is probably the premier bassist in the area, and a very funny guy for a Canadian. He is also an excellent glass blower and photographer, a man of many talents. Our repertoire leans towards New Orleans rhythm and blues, and we alternate vocals in our performances. We have been playing together since 2000, and have a long-standing monthly engagement at the Wild Goose Cafe & Bar in Ashland, Oregon.